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Fc-Tech  Baseball is an affordable option for aspiring student-athletes from both the United States and abroad that have graduated or moved on from high school to advance their education, as well as their athletic career. Our student-athletes have a drive and desire to compete on a national level against the best talent in the country while increasing their exposure and recruitment opportunities at the American collegiate level.

Our goal is to develop our players into collegiate and/or professional athletes that are successful both on and off the field. Through our life skills program, preparatory interactions, and hours of training, FCT baseball players will transition into the next level of their lives with a multitude of irreplaceable tools and knowledge. We are here to assure that our student-athletes are molded into not only quality athletes, but more importantly, character-driven young men.



Head Coach Jerome Richardson

Jerome was born in Darlington South Carolina where he started playing youth sports at the age of 5. He attended St John High School where he was a star player in 3 Sports baseball, football and basketball. Baseball he was a middle infielder and a pitcher. Football he was a star running back middle linebacker and played some at nose guard. Basketball he played point guard. During his senior year he was injured and was unable to continue his career in sports. After graduating high school he attended a local community College where he received a certification in welding then move to Lake City South Carolina when he began coaching Little League baseball football for about 8 years. Then he moved to Florida where his career in coaching started to exceed to a higher level. He became a instructor with Doyle baseball and begin working with MLB, College and youth baseball players. In his spare time he began coaching middle school basketball at Jewett School of the Arts, Coaching Little League football and little league baseball at Sertoma Park.  Jerome is also an active Board member of the winter haven baseball league. He has since started his baseball organization, "TEAM KHAOS" which has ages ranging from 10 years old to 18 years old. Jerome is a mentor to young men and women in his community on and off the field. He enjoys watching them grow academically and continue to  develop in their skills.  


Pitching  Coach
Frank Holley


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